1.   The Medical and Health Act requires that all registrations shall be valid for a period of 12 months unless earlier terminated.

2.   All registrants should take note that continuing to remain registered
with the Medical Registration Board at all times is their personal
responsibility in law. It is not the responsibility of the Board or that of their

3.   Where a practitioner’s employer (such as the Gibraltar Health Authority) or other agent undertakes to process an application on their behalf, the Board will continue to hold the practitioner primarily responsible in law for all aspects of the process and its completion, not the agent.

4.   The Date of Renewal for each registrant varies. This is explained in the section below.

5.   As a matter of courtesy and good practice, the Board sends a letter of invitation to registered practitioners prior to their renewal date, enclosing a pre-filled form to apply for renewal. Practitioners using this form are required to sign a declaration that the details held by the Board are accurate, valid and unchanged. Alternatively, practitioners can also use a blank generic form that can be downloaded from this page.

6.   Despite the Board’s offering the letter of invitation, the responsibility to renew the registration remains that of the practitioner.

7.   There is no defence of failure to register on the grounds that a letter of invitation was not received or mislaid. Blank forms are always available from this webpage or from the Board’s office and can be used as an alternative.

8.   Renewal is complete only when the practitioner has received a valid Certificate of Registration.

9.   The Board will not back-date registration dates, except when delays are attributable to Board actions.

10.   Registrants should bear in mind that failure to register might put at risk their professional indemnity as well as that of their employer.

11.   The Board can only maintain one address at a time and this address will also be the postal address. Addresses must be territorial and the Board cannot accept Post Boxes or other anonymised addresses. It is this postal address that is used for sending letters of invitation. It is vital that practitioners keep this information up to date. Practitioners are also required by law to keep the Board informed of any change of registered address.

12.   Practitioners who have not renewed their registration may be able to do so within the next 12 months by using a Generic Renewal form (available from the Board’s office).

13.   Practitioners whose registration has lapsed for a full year will have to reapply as if they are starting afresh.

Renewal Dates for Professions

The Renewal dates for all registrants depend upon their profession.
The Renewal Date for each profession is shown in the table below:

Profession Date of Expiry of registration
Doctor 31st October
Dentist 31st October
Pharmacist 31st October
Arts Therapist 31st July
Biomedical Scientist 28 February (29 if a leap year)
Chiropodist and podiatrist 30 September
Chiropractor 31st October
Clinical Scientist 30 November
Dental Hygienist 31 October
Dental Technician 31 October
Dental Therapist 31 October
Dietitian 31 August
Dispensing Optician 31 October
Hearing Aid Dispenser 30 September
Occupational Therapist 31 January
Operating Department Practitioner 31 January
Optometrist 31 March
Orthodontic Therapist 31 October
Orthoptist 31 October
Orthotist and Prosthetist 31 October
Osteopath 31 December
Paramedic 31 October
Physiotherapist 30 June
Practitioner Psychologist 31 July
Radiographer 30 April
Speech and Language Therapist 30 November
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