GMRB Structure

The Gibraltar Medical Registration Board is a statutory body established in its present form by the Medical & Health Act (1997) although it has been in existence under previous laws for several years.

The Board is required by law to meet at least once every three months in every calendar year.

The Board consists of seven members (two doctors, one dentist, one pharmacist, one lawyer, one independent person and one member of a profession supplementary to medicine). All members are appointed by the Minister for Health for a term of three years. They may be reappointed.

Meeting Room Image

The current structure of the Board is:

  • Dr H Carter – (Chair) Director of Public Health
  • Dr V Flores – (Member) Registered Medical Practitioner
  • Mr D Borge – (Member) Dental Officer
  • Ms M Brown – (Member) Orthoptist
  • Ms M Gordon – (Member) Pharmacist
  • Mr I Felice – (Member) Solicitor
  • Mr D Bruce – (Member) Independent

The Board is supported by a Secretary and an Administrator:

  • Ms. S. Jimenez – (Officer) Administrator

Contact details for the Board are on the Contact Us page.